Haul Post #2 The Christmas Edition

Hello everyone! I would like to start this post off with the hope that you all have had a magical, fun-filled Christmas. However with the Christmas season drawing swiftly to a close and the new year growing closer, I thought it appropriate that my next haul post should focus on some of the gifts I was fortunate enough to receive from my wonderful friends and family.

Candles: All of these candles were from Penneys/Primark I believe and are a great example of just how cute their range is getting. I have already used some of them as made obvious by the picture haha but I couldn’t resist. They smell so good!


Macbook Pro: You cannot even imagine the excitement and gratefulness I feel even now while typing this post that I have my very own Macbook Pro.  While my Dad mainly bought it for me as a present for doing well in university, I am sure it will be used for non-educational purposes also. *cough* FaceTime *cough*


Avatar The Last Airbender The Rift: When I was younger “Avatar the Last Airbender” was definitely a family favourite in my household and I still to this day hold the series in a special place in my heart. I received the first 2 library editions of this series last Christmas (each containing 3 comics in one book with a hardback cover) and I loved them so much! They are honestly such a great read for anyone who is interested in the series like I am as it carries on the story following Aang & friends, letting us know what happens to them after the tv series ended. Here’s a pic of me all snuggled up with fluffy pjs and socks reading it while drinking coffee from my super cute penguin mug.


Knitted Dog Teddy: While this looks like nothing much, in comparison to my other store-bought presents I am really loving this teddy knitted for my specially by my aunt. The details she went into when creating this christmas gift are amazing, having infused the wool and stuffing with a cinnamon scent and knitting a little hat and scarf for him. It is clear she put a lot of thought and work into this gift and I love it so much.


Harry Potter Colouring Book: As a huge fan of both Harry Potter and colouring, this gift was perfect for me (Thanks Mom!). I can honestly see why colouring for adults is such a hit! What they say is true – it is really relaxing and peaceful for the mind. Seriously, try it!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my second little “christmassy” haul. Thank you for reading ❤

Lucy x

P.S. since reaching 70 followers I was thinking of maybe hosting a little giveaway once I reach 100 or 150 as a thank you, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.


What Made Me Smile Week 3

SUNDAY: Spent the day relaxing with one of my bestest friends for the first time in months.

MONDAY: Met Jem in town & got all my Christmas shopping for my Mom done today at last!

TUESDAY: I went to see the new Star Wars movie which I loved (BB-8 was definitely my favourite) and then went out for a few Christmas drinks with my friends. I had a little too much to drink but they took care of me which makes me smile.

WEDNESDAY: 6am Christmas tesco trip with my mom with a slight hangover? I think so. Also Jem came over = doctor who, lots of food , cuddles & smiles of course.

THURSDAY: It’s Christmas Eve, which equals LOTS of quality time with the family.

FRIDAY: IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY! 3:30 am start with my bros? I personally don’t think there’s a better morning for it. My mom was delighted with the presents I bought her (especially the coffee machine) so I’m happy that she’s happy.

SATURDAY: With Christmas day over for another year we are spending the whole day relaxing by the fire in our pjs and will watch movies later this evening (if the electricity is back). Since the electricity went for a while my brothers and I took out our new colouring books and coloured together. This is definitely my favourite time of the year.

Another day, another post of what made me smile this week. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmassy week too. Let me know what made you smile this week, big or small, it all counts. A big thank you to all of my followers who read my posts and leave feedback and lovely comments. You guys are amazing and make me smile all the time.

Lucy x

Christmas Day

Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope that this post is finding you well and that you are having a wonderful Christmas day so far (I know I am).This is a quick little update because I just wanted to wish ye all a very merry Christmas and to thank you. When I started this blog on a whim (while procrastinating from physics study) I never thought anyone would read it, or that I’d have over 700 views in just a few weeks or hit 60 followers which is pretty surreal in itself! I hope you will continue to follow me on this little endeavour of mine. I love you all! ❤

Lucy x

P.S. What is your favourite part of Christmas? While the presents are always great, mine is genuinely getting to spend some quality time with my family. Again, merry Christmas & thank you for reading.


What Made Me Smile Week 2

After the success of last weeks post I decided to do it again this week!

SUNDAY: I spent more time sleeping than anything today, so not much smiling but I did get some really nice Chinese with James and we ate it while watching Doctor Who – perfection.

MONDAY: I finished my semester one exams andddd got my class hoodie.

TUESDAY: Finally home for the Christmas holidays after present shopping with Jem in Dundrum. My little brother came in when he heard I was home to inform me that there was only 10 days til Christmas and gave me a huge hug.

WEDNESDAY: Went grocery shopping with my mom and we got coffee together; Mother – Daughter time is the best!

THURSDAY: The other science class reps and I contemplated the idea of a class Platinum Week (go out every night and also go to every lecture) next semester and how much we would all die. Also Hakeem sent me a video of him falling while ice skating – pretty funny.

FRIDAY: Reached 35 followers on this blog and all of them leave me the nicest comments which make me smile so much! 🙂

SATURDAY: I told one of my brothers he was beautiful and another of my brother’s chipped in with the Christina Aguilera song, singing “In every single way, words can’t bring you down. It was so funny 😀

Lucy x

Christmas Spirit Level 100

With less than one week until Christmas Eve, excitement is bubbling inside of children all over the world as they try their very best to remain on Santa’s good list in the hope of receiving what will be found under the Christmas tree on that morning they have been counting down to for weeks. The school term is coming to an end, they are preparing for their annual Christmas concert, they have written their letters to Santa and have already decided what they will leave out for him and his reindeers of course (cookies and milk, perhaps a carrot too? magic reindeer food? a bottle of beer? a bottle of vodka with water written on it? the possibilities are endless)

As we grow older it’s not quite as exciting unless you’re someone like me who loves Christmas and does a fairly good of getting into the right mood for it. While at 18 years old the big secret is out for me, I have younger brothers who still believe, so I enjoy keeping the magic of Christmas alive. I think it’s my favourite part really, the preparation, the little plans and ideas my mom and I have for my brothers to have the most magic filled Christmas every year. Of course an essential part of this planning and preparation is having a pretty high Christmas spirit level so I’ve put together a few of my top tips that actually reflect how I have increased my Christmas spirit to level 100 (I’m joking, but seriously here’s some tips!) and also a small list of some of the things my mom and I are doing this year.

Tips for increasing your Christmas spirit level:

  1. Really embrace that Christmas should be a time of giving and not receiving. By focusing on the happiness of others you will in turn bring joy into your own life.
  2. Listen to Christmas songs, sing along, dance, whatever makes you happy and more excited for this time of year and get the younger ones involved.
  3. One is never too old to visit Santa with their younger siblings. I have gone every year and even though it’s not the same for me now, I still enjoy watching my brothers’ faces as they meet Santa and talk to him about how they are and what they would like etc. etc. It’s very different to being on the believing side but I still find it just as enjoyable and a good family bonding time.
  4. Two words: CHRISTMAS MOVIES!! Let me say this once and once only….you need to watch Elmo Saves Christmas (I think it’s called that) It is one of my favourite and most memorable Christmas movies from my childhood.
  5. Decorate the house. Doesn’t have to be anything excessive but even just a Christmas tree some fake snow, and some window stickers will bring your house to life.
  6. Above all spend time with your family. I don’t know about anyone else but around this time of year I really enjoy being with my family, especially when helping with the preparations for Christmas or just watching movies together.

Keeping the magic alive:

  • My mom has put together a “Family Movie Night” basket from Santa which will have a letter written by himself (or me..shh) explaining the importance of family bonding time to my youngest brothers. So far it includes: some dvds (Inside Out, Pixels, Into the Woods, Big Hero 6, Paper Towns and more), popcorn, crisps and other goodies.
  • In the letter included with the “Family Movie Night” basket I am going to put some glitter and fake snow inside the envelope & stuck to the paper and pretend that Santa must have accidentally dropped some of his magic in while he was writing.
  • We are going to use some of the fake snow also to leave footprints from our front door to the tree where the presents will be left.

& that is all for now!

Lucy x



Benefit’s Complexion Kit

Benefit – notoriously known for their cute packaging and great quality products, had been a brand I was been wanting to try for a long time. I hadn’t though, mostly due to their products being more high end than typical drug store buys. However having recently run out of foundation, concealer and primer I decided it was time to treat myself.

In walks Benefit’s How To Look The Best At Everything complexion kit which was an absolute winner for me. I chose the Light kit (you can also choose from Medium and Dark) and was quite happy with the shades included. I can also say after using this kit a few times, it doesn’t disappoint and is quite helpful in deciding if you would buy the full sized products or not (I would!)


With a tips & tricks pamphlet in the lid, and a mirror all contained in a cute travel sized, book shaped box it is the perfect kit for beginners trying to perfect their make up style, for professionals who want a handy kit to throw into their handbag which includes everything needed for a flawless base or for those (like myself) who just want to try out some products before investing in the full sized version.

Included in this kit:

  • The Porefessional – Primer
  • Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Makeup – Foundation
  • Boi-ing – Concealer in 2 shades to create your perfect match
  • Hello Flawless Powder – Powder

Overall, I have found this cute little box of samples well worth the €35 I spent on it. I have used it 4 times now and the mini Hello Flawless foundation (in Ivory – “I’m pure for sure“) is still over half full which is impressive for a sample sized product. There is also a decent amount of  the Boi-ing concealer left which I reckon will last me maybe a few months! I have put their Hello Flawless foundation and powder on my Christmas wishlist and will more than likely purchase a few more of their products in the coming future. Have you got any favourites in the Benefit range that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading ♥

Lucy x

What Made Me Smile Week 1

SUNDAY: I spent the day relaxing but also got a little bit of study done and started this blog. I also talked to some old friends on facebook which made me smile. I am so thankful for them.

MONDAY: My dad came home today. He’s okay and enjoys spinning around in circles in his wheelchair acting like a child which makes me smile. My mom surprised me with some presents from England which included a knitted jumper, a tin of M & M’s, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a Harry Potter colouring book.

TUESDAY: I made it through my first college exam without failing miserably/crying hysterically! I enjoyed skipping/running in the cold dragging James along & then spent the night eating crisps and chocolate  while watching Doctor Who.

WEDNESDAY: My order from boots.ie came!! (lots of new brushes and other bits and pieces; see haul post #1)

THURSDAY: I went to visit Santa with my younger brothers and parents, a family tradition which probably wont last much longer as my brothers are growing up but I enjoy it still despite being 18.

FRIDAY: I went Christmas shopping with my mom and we got lunch together.

SATURDAY (today): I think I made it through physics in one piece?! Only one more semester 1 exam on Monday and then I’m free  until the end of January. I had the wrong bus ticket with me but the bus driver let me on anyway without having to pay extra. What a kind man. Happy happy.

Life goes by at such a speed that we often forget to stop and think about what makes us happy, and what makes us smile, what we should be appreciative of. Instead we tend to focus on the bad, the stressfulness, the negatives, getting caught up in what can be a tangle of tiredness and worry. So stop for a moment and think, what made you smile this week? Let me know 🙂

Lucy x