What Made Me Smile Week 1

SUNDAY: I spent the day relaxing but also got a little bit of study done and started this blog. I also talked to some old friends on facebook which made me smile. I am so thankful for them.

MONDAY: My dad came home today. He’s okay and enjoys spinning around in circles in his wheelchair acting like a child which makes me smile. My mom surprised me with some presents from England which included a knitted jumper, a tin of M & M’s, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a Harry Potter colouring book.

TUESDAY: I made it through my first college exam without failing miserably/crying hysterically! I enjoyed skipping/running in the cold dragging James along & then spent the night eating crisps and chocolate  while watching Doctor Who.

WEDNESDAY: My order from boots.ie came!! (lots of new brushes and other bits and pieces; see haul post #1)

THURSDAY: I went to visit Santa with my younger brothers and parents, a family tradition which probably wont last much longer as my brothers are growing up but I enjoy it still despite being 18.

FRIDAY: I went Christmas shopping with my mom and we got lunch together.

SATURDAY (today): I think I made it through physics in one piece?! Only one more semester 1 exam on Monday and then I’m free  until the end of January. I had the wrong bus ticket with me but the bus driver let me on anyway without having to pay extra. What a kind man. Happy happy.

Life goes by at such a speed that we often forget to stop and think about what makes us happy, and what makes us smile, what we should be appreciative of. Instead we tend to focus on the bad, the stressfulness, the negatives, getting caught up in what can be a tangle of tiredness and worry. So stop for a moment and think, what made you smile this week? Let me know 🙂

Lucy x


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