Christmas Spirit Level 100

With less than one week until Christmas Eve, excitement is bubbling inside of children all over the world as they try their very best to remain on Santa’s good list in the hope of receiving what will be found under the Christmas tree on that morning they have been counting down to for weeks. The school term is coming to an end, they are preparing for their annual Christmas concert, they have written their letters to Santa and have already decided what they will leave out for him and his reindeers of course (cookies and milk, perhaps a carrot too? magic reindeer food? a bottle of beer? a bottle of vodka with water written on it? the possibilities are endless)

As we grow older it’s not quite as exciting unless you’re someone like me who loves Christmas and does a fairly good of getting into the right mood for it. While at 18 years old the big secret is out for me, I have younger brothers who still believe, so I enjoy keeping the magic of Christmas alive. I think it’s my favourite part really, the preparation, the little plans and ideas my mom and I have for my brothers to have the most magic filled Christmas every year. Of course an essential part of this planning and preparation is having a pretty high Christmas spirit level so I’ve put together a few of my top tips that actually reflect how I have increased my Christmas spirit to level 100 (I’m joking, but seriously here’s some tips!) and also a small list of some of the things my mom and I are doing this year.

Tips for increasing your Christmas spirit level:

  1. Really embrace that Christmas should be a time of giving and not receiving. By focusing on the happiness of others you will in turn bring joy into your own life.
  2. Listen to Christmas songs, sing along, dance, whatever makes you happy and more excited for this time of year and get the younger ones involved.
  3. One is never too old to visit Santa with their younger siblings. I have gone every year and even though it’s not the same for me now, I still enjoy watching my brothers’ faces as they meet Santa and talk to him about how they are and what they would like etc. etc. It’s very different to being on the believing side but I still find it just as enjoyable and a good family bonding time.
  4. Two words: CHRISTMAS MOVIES!! Let me say this once and once only….you need to watch Elmo Saves Christmas (I think it’s called that) It is one of my favourite and most memorable Christmas movies from my childhood.
  5. Decorate the house. Doesn’t have to be anything excessive but even just a Christmas tree some fake snow, and some window stickers will bring your house to life.
  6. Above all spend time with your family. I don’t know about anyone else but around this time of year I really enjoy being with my family, especially when helping with the preparations for Christmas or just watching movies together.

Keeping the magic alive:

  • My mom has put together a “Family Movie Night” basket from Santa which will have a letter written by himself (or me..shh) explaining the importance of family bonding time to my youngest brothers. So far it includes: some dvds (Inside Out, Pixels, Into the Woods, Big Hero 6, Paper Towns and more), popcorn, crisps and other goodies.
  • In the letter included with the “Family Movie Night” basket I am going to put some glitter and fake snow inside the envelope & stuck to the paper and pretend that Santa must have accidentally dropped some of his magic in while he was writing.
  • We are going to use some of the fake snow also to leave footprints from our front door to the tree where the presents will be left.

& that is all for now!

Lucy x




4 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit Level 100

    • Awh thank you so much! Yeah me too, my mom was really on to a winner with that idea! We usually watch movies over Christmas anyway but this will encourage us to keep that tradition going I guess 🙂 xx


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