What Made Me Smile Week 2

After the success of last weeks post I decided to do it again this week!

SUNDAY: I spent more time sleeping than anything today, so not much smiling but I did get some really nice Chinese with James and we ate it while watching Doctor Who – perfection.

MONDAY: I finished my semester one exams andddd got my class hoodie.

TUESDAY: Finally home for the Christmas holidays after present shopping with Jem in Dundrum. My little brother came in when he heard I was home to inform me that there was only 10 days til Christmas and gave me a huge hug.

WEDNESDAY: Went grocery shopping with my mom and we got coffee together; Mother – Daughter time is the best!

THURSDAY: The other science class reps and I contemplated the idea of a class Platinum Week (go out every night and also go to every lecture) next semester and how much we would all die. Also Hakeem sent me a video of him falling while ice skating – pretty funny.

FRIDAY: Reached 35 followers on this blog and all of them leave me the nicest comments which make me smile so much! 🙂

SATURDAY: I told one of my brothers he was beautiful and another of my brother’s chipped in with the Christina Aguilera song, singing “In every single way, words can’t bring you down. It was so funny 😀

Lucy x


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