Haul Post #2 The Christmas Edition

Hello everyone! I would like to start this post off with the hope that you all have had a magical, fun-filled Christmas. However with the Christmas season drawing swiftly to a close and the new year growing closer, I thought it appropriate that my next haul post should focus on some of the gifts I was fortunate enough to receive from my wonderful friends and family.

Candles: All of these candles were from Penneys/Primark I believe and are a great example of just how cute their range is getting. I have already used some of them as made obvious by the picture haha but I couldn’t resist. They smell so good!


Macbook Pro: You cannot even imagine the excitement and gratefulness I feel even now while typing this post that I have my very own Macbook Pro.  While my Dad mainly bought it for me as a present for doing well in university, I am sure it will be used for non-educational purposes also. *cough* FaceTime *cough*


Avatar The Last Airbender The Rift: When I was younger “Avatar the Last Airbender” was definitely a family favourite in my household and I still to this day hold the series in a special place in my heart. I received the first 2 library editions of this series last Christmas (each containing 3 comics in one book with a hardback cover) and I loved them so much! They are honestly such a great read for anyone who is interested in the series like I am as it carries on the story following Aang & friends, letting us know what happens to them after the tv series ended. Here’s a pic of me all snuggled up with fluffy pjs and socks reading it while drinking coffee from my super cute penguin mug.


Knitted Dog Teddy: While this looks like nothing much, in comparison to my other store-bought presents I am really loving this teddy knitted for my specially by my aunt. The details she went into when creating this christmas gift are amazing, having infused the wool and stuffing with a cinnamon scent and knitting a little hat and scarf for him. It is clear she put a lot of thought and work into this gift and I love it so much.


Harry Potter Colouring Book: As a huge fan of both Harry Potter and colouring, this gift was perfect for me (Thanks Mom!). I can honestly see why colouring for adults is such a hit! What they say is true – it is really relaxing and peaceful for the mind. Seriously, try it!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my second little “christmassy” haul. Thank you for reading ❤

Lucy x

P.S. since reaching 70 followers I was thinking of maybe hosting a little giveaway once I reach 100 or 150 as a thank you, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.


28 thoughts on “Haul Post #2 The Christmas Edition

  1. Quite a lot of people got one of the Harry Potter colouring book! I was going to get it for a friend as she loves Harry Potter but I might get one for myself! I have quite a few of the anxiety colouring books and I find them really helpful!

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  2. Hey Lucy! I just wanted to saw I’ve only read through a couple of your blogs and I really like what I’ve read so far. You manage to bring your personality to light within a few words and your photos are really, really good ☺️ xx


  3. I love the Knitted Dog Teddy it is so cute! I love reading Christmas hauls, or watching videos of people opening their presents! so this means I really liked your post! You’re going to enjoy this little beauty from Apple, I have one myself and even if it is hard to use at the beginning, you get use to it very fast and it becomes a real pleasure! 🙂

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  4. Im glad I stumbled upon your blog. Great post and yes a 100 Followers giveaway is a great idea. I did it when I reached my goal 🙂 Keep in mind international shipping costs as it can sometimes be a touch pricey posting the package overseas 🙂

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