The Beauty Blogger Award


A few days ago I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by the lovely Jovita from VoguishlyChic.Thank you for the nomination Jovita, I really appreciate it 🙂 Everyone should definitely check out her blog for lots of fashion, beauty and make up goodness! So here’s how this whole Beauty Blogger Award thing works:

The rules:

  1. Tag the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.
  4. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them!

VoguishlyChic’s Questions For Me:

1. Do you believe that fashion trends on the runway can be sported by all?

– Really the answer can vary, as some trends will suit all body shape and sizes while others don’t but in general I think that it is not safe to assume that fashion trends on the runway can be sported by all as it is easy to see that a lot of the models sporting these brand new fashion statements look pretty similar so we are not given an indicator for other body types.
2. What is your favourite fashion accessory?

– I have to say my favourite fashion accessory is probably my celtic design triangle necklace which I got as a birthday present from my mom a few years ago. I wear it every day.
3. Which is your favourite makeup brand?

– At the moment my favourite makeup brand has to be Benefit. Even though I am limited in my collection of their products I am loving each of the products I have and think they are well worth the money.
4. If you had to choose only one makeup product to carry in your bag, what would it be?

– Probably a mascara because my eyes look bare without some mascara! I’m currently using:
5. Which is your My Lip But Better lipstick shade?

– I honestly have no idea because I have so many different lipsticks and just use different ones all the time. I’m not a one-shade kinda gal.
6. Any fashion-paux committed?

– Probably leaving the house without ironing my skirt when it badly needs ironing…..
7. High Heels or Flats. Which one do you pick?

– Probably flats. Love my converse too much.
8. Oversized Totes!! Yay or Nay?

– Couldn’t say I own one myself but they’re not all that bad. Probably a nay from me though.

9. If you had to rate yourself on the fashion quotient on a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself?

– Probably around 6 or 7…I’m not awful but…I’m learning…
10. Any fashion quote that inspired you the most.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

My Questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Do you have any bloggers that inspire you?
  3. What would you say your signature style is?
  4. Do you go shopping for new clothes often?
  5. What is your favourite clothing store?
  6. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
  7. What do you think of body piercings and do you have any?
  8. How often do you wear make up?
  9. If you could only have one make up item what would it be?
  10. What do you like to do to relax?

My Nominees:





Daily Mamey

Glitterful Thoughts By Tash

The Insider Daily

Kitty Korner

Happy 2016 guys! ❤


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