Trying Something New

To my wonderful followers,

Lately I haven’t been feeling the best which is why my posts have been less frequent. I’ve been extremely tired and sluggish, have had back pains and weird itchy hive-type things covering my legs. I thought it was time for a detox, or a”teatox”, something I had honestly never tried before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had however heard that they were really good for giving energy and removing that bloated feeling, as well as getting rid of sugar cravings (that I wanted to see!). As a follower of fellow Irish blogger FacesByGrace on snapchat, I knew the risks associated a lot of those skinny teas out there, mostly those containing Senna leaves and other laxatives as it stops the absorption of the contraceptive pill – a big no no for many of us women. Following Grace’s recommendations I decided to try Miss Fit Skinny Tea, an Irish company that prides itself in the results it delivers but also in the fact that it contains no laxatives, making it possibly the safest option on the market regarding skinny detox teas. The company’s founder and creator Ruth was quite a pleasure to do business with. She was very sweet and helpful when I messaged her on Facebook to talk about her tea and you can tell that she really cares about her customers and the quality of the product they receive.

So anyway I decided I would start with the 14 day package which was 24.99 and also bought the adorable little strawberry tea infuser which was 5. Postage was fast which is always a plus to buying things online. I ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived the Thursday to my delight.

Here’s what I received in an adorable pink envelope with white polka dots ^.^


I’ve really only started drinking the tea today so I can’t give much of an opinion on if I feel different or anything yet but it does have a nice flavour. Kinda reminds me of green tea which I love! Ruth recommends drinking 3-4 cups a day but I have definitely drank at least 5 so far…and may have another one before I finish typing this. I really hope it does make me feel better soon. Onwards and upwards as they say!

All my love,

Lucy x

P.S. There are now over 100 of you following me! How freaking amazing is that. I am honestly so happy and grateful for your presence. Will be holding a small giveaway soon as my thanks<3



Benefit’s Complexion Kit

Benefit – notoriously known for their cute packaging and great quality products, had been a brand I was been wanting to try for a long time. I hadn’t though, mostly due to their products being more high end than typical drug store buys. However having recently run out of foundation, concealer and primer I decided it was time to treat myself.

In walks Benefit’s How To Look The Best At Everything complexion kit which was an absolute winner for me. I chose the Light kit (you can also choose from Medium and Dark) and was quite happy with the shades included. I can also say after using this kit a few times, it doesn’t disappoint and is quite helpful in deciding if you would buy the full sized products or not (I would!)


With a tips & tricks pamphlet in the lid, and a mirror all contained in a cute travel sized, book shaped box it is the perfect kit for beginners trying to perfect their make up style, for professionals who want a handy kit to throw into their handbag which includes everything needed for a flawless base or for those (like myself) who just want to try out some products before investing in the full sized version.

Included in this kit:

  • The Porefessional – Primer
  • Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Makeup – Foundation
  • Boi-ing – Concealer in 2 shades to create your perfect match
  • Hello Flawless Powder – Powder

Overall, I have found this cute little box of samples well worth the €35 I spent on it. I have used it 4 times now and the mini Hello Flawless foundation (in Ivory – “I’m pure for sure“) is still over half full which is impressive for a sample sized product. There is also a decent amount of  the Boi-ing concealer left which I reckon will last me maybe a few months! I have put their Hello Flawless foundation and powder on my Christmas wishlist and will more than likely purchase a few more of their products in the coming future. Have you got any favourites in the Benefit range that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading ♥

Lucy x

Nothing But Thieves

Some musicians were destined to only ever play at home for their friends and family, while others succeed in making the stage surrounded by crowds of fans their home. Making the transition between these is the hard part, but I enjoy watching it happen. A clear example of this transition was made by the five piece, alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves who went from producing a single, to supporting the likes of George Ezra, Arcade Fire and Muse, to going on their sold out “Ban All The Music” UK and Ireland tour which started in October this year.

I had the pleasure of attending their Dublin gig a few weeks ago in the Academy 2. I didn’t know much about them or their music before I went if I’m honest but at €15 a ticket I thought why not and I don’t regret it at all. From start to finish you could really tell that their heart and soul was put into the whole performance. I was particularly impressed by their lead singer Conor Mason who as well as having such a powerful voice, in each song got visibly lost in the music, dancing along, clearly having the time of his life.

I would completely recommend listening to their debut album which was just released in October – It looks a little bit like..



Ever since the concert I have been listening to their album quite a bit and I can’t pick out a single song I don’t enjoy. My personal favourites are “Tripswitch“, “If I Get High” and “Wake Up Call“.

As for the venue ( The Academy 2): It was small, but not too small, definitely having a more up close and personal feel to it than other concert venues I’ve been in. This was perfect for Nothing But Thieves who succeeded in creating an almost intimate atmosphere with the audience especially during “If I Get High” and “Lover, Please Stay“.

Of course the concert as a whole wouldn’t have been what it was without their support act – Fangclub, who are a Dublin based, up and coming alternative rock band, best known at the moment for their single “Bullet Head“. They were pretty good on the night, putting a lot of energy into their performance which I thoroughly enjoyed despite not being a huge rock fan, having had never heard them before! I checked them out on Spotify after the concert and they are currently boasting 905 monthly listeners which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. As well as listening to the Nothing But Thieves album, I have been listening to Fangclub‘s EP which band member Steven gave to me after they played. My current favourite on their EP at the moment is “Role Models” but as a whole the EP is fantastic. They are definitely a band to watch out for in future!


I can’t finish off this post without mentioning how incredibly friendly and humble each of the band members were. It was almost surreal. I’ve never had this kind of an experience at a concert before, in meeting band members who were so genuine in how they acted, without that showbiz superiority that have become common place now. As well as Fangclub‘s Steven giving me their EP, we met the drummer from Nothing But Thieves – James Price who I must admit looked a little uncomfortable about how we semi-fangirled at him and got a picture with him but was still so sweet and talked to us for a few minutes. After the concert we approached him again and he signed our tickets and gave my friend the set list they used on stage that night. We then approached the other members who by now were surrounded by a few small groups of young but obviously huge fans of theirs and asked for their signatures too. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get Conor’s signature but at least I have 4/5 of the bands signatures as a momento of what was overall a great and one of my favourite concert experiences to date. They said they would be back in Ireland next year and there is no doubt that I will be attending.


Lucy x

P.S. here’s a pic from the night